Luca Tessarin. 

The research process of Una notte senza Luna began during the summer 2020, that I spent entirely in my hometown in the countryside of Milano.

I wanted to make a collection that would dialogue with that familiar environment, that would communicate a sense of softness and easiness, and focus more on the objects themselves, as almost homeware, vases.

I tried to picture my own vision of Milano, focusing on the contrast between the proper facades of the buildings and their private and discreet courtyards. I wanted to keep its simplicity altogether, by shaping the bags with very simple gestures and keeping the design as honest and genuine as possible; taking big inspiration also from Kettle’s Yard and Pietro Portaluppi’s approach to design.

The title Una notte senza Luna wants to suggest a very foggy night in Milano, that gives a new calm pace to the city.

I translated these elements into four lines: 

Mimì/ semi-rigid line, inspired by traditional Pibiones textiles; Giglio/ wants to give the idea of an object being shaped out of one bent sheet, that expands and blooms; Cushion/ soft line, inspired by post minimalism and from Kettle’s Yard sofa and big cushions; Teddy/ semi-rigid line, inspired by Gio Ponti and Nanda Vigo’s Casa sotto la Foglia.